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The inspiration for Whippourwill came from our son, Steven, who is on the autism spectrum and has a passion for baking. At the age of 7, Steven declared that he wanted to be a professional baker. With the help of teachers and therapists, we created a home school curriculum based on baking to teach math, science, life and social skills, geography, reading and writing. Today, Steven uses the internet to find recipes, shops at our local markets for ingredients and bakes from scratch several times a week.

His talent inspired our family to think more strategically about the future not only for Steven, but also for other teens and adults with learning differences. The employment rate for individuals with disabilities is a mere 17%. There is a huge need to provide meaningful work opportunities for these individuals. We decided to leverage Steven’s passion and start a non-profit bakery that addresses this important issue. We believe that through meaningful employment, all individuals can achieve independence in the workplace and the community.

We hope you will enjoy our sweets, treats and confections as we whip, pour and spread goodwill!

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